Congratulations to Primary Teachers achieving their GTCS Professional Recognition!

We have been inspired by the quality of the presentations put forward in June 2018 by those teachers who chose to work towards GTCS professional recognition for their language Teaching and Learning journey. A very big well done to all of you for your hard work and commitment!

If you would like to undertake the journey too, why not read some highlights from their reports for inspiration! Click here.


LFEE Europe Immersion Courses – a success story!

Two teachers from Fife Council have had a great time learning French in Salignac… please click here to read what they had to say!

We thank you both very much for your positive feedback, and would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL the fantastic teachers who took part in one of our courses this summer. Well done to you all and we wish you a great year of language teaching!

Erasmus+ course catalogue

Our immersion courses are now listed in the “European catalogue of professional development courses for school teachers and staff”. If you participated in one or more of our courses this year, we would be delighted if you could rate and review them here, If you are looking to participate in a future course, you can read what past participants have said here.

SCILT/CISS Chinese E-Books

We also helped SCILT/CISS develop a number of interactive stories for young learners of Chinese!

You will find them there:

Warriors! The Emperor’s Incredible Army
This animated book tells the story of the first emperor of China. Find out about how he created a unified China and how his desire for immortality has left its mark on the present day.

The Happy Emperor
Read about this little emperor who lives in a big palace all alone, without any friends. He is lonely, but find out how a surprising friendship turns him into the happy emperor.

The Happy Emperor has a birthday party
It is the happy emperor’s birthday and this year he has lots of friends to celebrate with. Read about the fun he has with his new friends.

The Happy Emperor and panda’s surprise
The Happy Emperor and some friends go on a journey.